Igniting Value

We strive to create shareholder value and sustainable growth by investing in companies with the potential for superior earnings and dividend growth over the long term.

We continuously monitor and measure risks and opportunities against the risk appetite and risk-bearing capacity as determined by the Board of Directors.

How We Manage Our Investments

We exert considerable influence on our underlying subsidiaries through executive board representation. We have decision-making involvement in all material aspects including the appointment and removal of directors, capital structure, mergers and acquisitions and business strategy.

We also strive to ensure that investee companies adhere to the Dunamis Capital Group perspectives and requirements in view of corporate values, governance, risk management, information management, brand and reputation building, human resource development and sustainability.

Non-subsidiary investments may comprise both listed and unlisted companies not controlled by the Company.

Investments in which we do not have board representation are treated as our trading portfolio.

In keeping with our corporate philosophy of Igniting Value we offer strategic, financial and managerial support, creating a conducive environment for deal-making, strategic alliances, reputation building and innovation.

Going forward, we intend to manage our investments with a greater level of decentralisation, encouraging autonomous operations across our subsidiaries.